Russia's Invasion of Ukraine:

What Does it Mean for Energy Supply and the Economy as a Whole?

Beyond being a humanitarian crisis, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sweeping implications for the global energy industry and beyond. With Russia playing a major role in the global supply of crude oil and natural gas (as well as other commodities), what can we expect for the near-term and long-term impacts of its invasion and for the accompanying responses from companies and governments across the world?

The impacts will be substantial, and most businesses and individuals will need to make significant adjustments now to prepare. Even those outside the energy industry will see ripple effects due to the invasion and corresponding global market disruption.

Download our full whitepaper for our analysis of the evolving crisis in Ukraine, changing energy supply mix, and economic repercussions, including:

• Summary of Russia’s invasion and the global response to date

• Impact of Russia’s invasion on European energy supply and prices

• Analysis of Russia’s currently available natural gas and crude supply, as well as expected changes to trade patterns

• Discussion of the emerging energy supply gap and where “missing supply” can come from

• Recommendations for governments, companies, and individuals looking for advice on weathering volatile energy prices, soaring inflation, and a brewing global recession